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Python for Beginners

Entwickler David Phillips

A fabulous set of tutorials to get you going using Python. These are not ordinary "watch and repeat" tutorials that you traditionally find on the internet. Each video will set a task for the learner to complete and if the learner needs a little support to complete the task then there is always a solution video on hand too.The app itself will expand over time, but so far there are 6 distinct python tasks to make. A simple calculator program, a hi lo game, a magic 8 ball and a random name picker. These would keep new programmers busy in class for a fair few hours and this app is an ideal tool to help cover the requirements of the new computing curriculum in the UK. Of course it will also benefit anyone on the planet who can follow a bit of spoken English and wants to learn to code in python too.
Users will need to download Python and we will be using the IDLE IDE to get going.